PAZ - Festival of Inner Peace presented by Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Welcome to an evening of illumination, immersion and transformation!

We want to take you along on a journey – not to the Himalayas but to the inner recesses of your own self, to treasures you did not know existed.

For centuries, wise men and women have pursued these treasures through penance and piety but we will take a musical route – through the nervous system, to reach a state of meditation where we become one with the universe around us -silent and blissful.          

Why Meditate?

The more we meditate, the more peaceful we feel inside. It is as simple as that, and Sahaja Yoga Meditation makes this experience easy for us to achieve. It yields a powerful, instantaneous state of thoughtless awareness where our mind is calmed as peace floods our body, bringing with it transformative spiritual awareness.

To facilitate this meditative experience, Sahaja Yoga Meditation brings us the Festival of Inner Peace, where music and art lead to meditation and our spiritual journey begins. The Festival of Inner Peace is a multi-city tour of world-class musicians, dancers and artists who utilize uplifting, soothing and lifeaffirming music and art to connect us to our inner selves.

All the artists performing, practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation in their daily lives and that quality is reflected in their art.    

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Born of a royal dynasty in India, Shri Mataji conferred with Mahatma Gandhi when she was a child living in his ashram. She later became a medical student, freedom fighter, adored mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and wife of a distinguished diplomat.

For over four decades, Shri Mataji traveled the globe to bring peace to all who wished to learn, regardless of religion, race or social circumstance. She never charged for imparting her knowledge and always said that one cannot pay for one’s own evolution.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes and all its events are offered free of charge world-wide. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization committed to teaching and sharing the benefits of meditation.

Developed in 1970 by renowned Indian spiritual leader Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the practice enables individuals to easily awaken the inner energy they are born with – and through this awakening, achieve a union between the inner self and the allpervading, universal power.